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Vegan cafe now open
Vegan Bus Works Canteen 100% Vegetarian

            The Lastbus Works Canteen is a thought experiment and might not be all that it appears to be. It serves only food made from fruit, nuts, seeds, beans and vegetables because it is all that we need. It is free standing on granite rock exploded from the Earth's core and is unlikely to be here for long. Operating losses are considerable and cannot be sustained indefinitely. For now, new equipment has been installed, so that we might raise our game and a float of £10,000 put in place to keep it going. This time, when that runs out, the venture will end and we will all go and do something else instead. Thankyou for your interest.
                                'safe journey

Accommodation New Pitsligo Lastbus

Please note: the Lastbus Works Canteen is now open:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am - 4pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm
for fruity nutty juicy healthy fuel
Closed on Thursday

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Fruit Baskets
The Lost Cafe is a 100% vegetarian cafe in New Pitsligo near Fraserburgh.